Re: What is going on with the recent of low-effort, “look how much money I have” posts in this sub?

I never had the chance to respond to your comment in the original thread, but I do really like your idea. Unfortunately it seems this sub is/has been more catered to the sort of people who really can’t be bothered to put in that amount of effort (however little it may be). Which is why I’m kind of giving up. I made this same argument a year ago on my old account, and got the same cookie-cutter response from the same moderator as this time. So it’s falling on deaf ears. I just wanted to post about it one last time before I unsubscribe, in the hopes that something will change. But I’m done scrolling past dozens of posts, only to find one I’m interested in and find that there is no context / comments from the OP. I’ve seen a lot of subs fall to cheap karma grabbing, and have noticed this one slipping. I’ll pop back in when I have an interesting camera to show off (y’know, since I actually put in a little effort when I do), but I don’t need my feed filled with analog shitposts anymore.

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