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You are literally the dumbest person I've ever encountered.

Pretty much every technology you use today exists because of Americans.

Wrong. More modern technology exists because of British innovations than the US. The industrialisation of the world began in Britain because of British inventions and engineering. Without British inventions, like the light bulb, the telephone, the television, the steam engine, the jet engine, the atomic clock, the sewing machine, the pencil, radio, the electric telegraph, SMS messages, the adhesive postage stamp, radar, the computer including the first modern computer and the first supercomputer, the ARM CPU design used in 98% of mobile phones and every smart phone, the first programming language, HTTP, HTML, the WWW, the MP3 player, the touch pad, the adjustable spanner, the hydrogen fuel cell, the microchip, the L.E.D., carbon fibre, the two stroke engine, the electroscope, the wind tunnel, the light switch, the tin can, the toaster, the toothbrush, the thermos flask, the flushing toilet, sunglasses, the hydraulic press, crucible steel or the weathermap, to name but a few, there would be no developed world.

It's funny that you consider yourself in any way knowledgeable about the field of computing when the British are almost singlehandedly responsible for it all. Brits invented the microchip, the computer, the phone lines, the first programming language, the world wide web, HTML and HTTP, without which there would be no internet at all, and yet you had no idea. Good luck putting a man on the moon without the invention of the microchip, or radio, or radar, or even the theory of gravity, dumbass.

No. America is the only superpower in the world, everyone knows that. Literally no one thinks GB is a superpower except for you, apparently. Hilarious.

HAHAHAHA. Say hello to china moron. Britain has a huge amount of global influence. We have a commonwealth. America has nothing but trainers, that it paid other countries to make, to sell and an enormous debt to fund out of control military spending.

Yeah but most are American. Look on any "Top 100 universities in the world" list, and about half of them are in the US. MIT and CalTech are the best technical universities in the world, Harvard is the best liberal arts school and law school, etc. etc.

And yet I can guarantee you've never been to any of them.

I have awesome healthcare, and the only reason anyone in Europe has any healthcare is because of America.

HAHAHA. you dense cunt. America has done nothing for the healthcare systems of Europe.

We do all the research, develop all the drugs and treatments, create all the medical technologies, and then you guys take it from us and use it.

Sorry what? How deluded are you? Britain pioneered medical science while Americans were still scrambling for snake oil. Who was it that pioneered medicine during WW1 and WW2? Where were the wounded soldiers in Europe taken? Britain. British hospitals. The NHS has been possibly the greatest force in the progression of medical science in history. Not America. My local hospital is older than your country.

And virtually all of the gun crime in this country is gang crime. We have a gang problem, not a gun problem.

Wrong again retard. Your country has the a murder rate 5 times that of the UK. Your country has a gun problem, and as a result your police shoot hundreds of American citizens a year. That's right, your own state slaughters your people. Do you know how many people the police in the UK shot in 2014? 1 person, that had a knife to a hostage. In the US? Unknown, but over 100 people. Your country is like a war zone compared to Europe.

I'll take gun crime that almost exclusively affects criminals over Britain's massive knife crime problem any day. I'd hate to walk down the street thinking I'm probably going to get stabbed 14 times by some bored kid.

And yet you're still 5 times more likely to get murdered in the US. I wish your chances were higher though.

And yes, obviously we have no worker's rights. That's why so many millions of people pour into the US every single year to start a new life, right?

From a developing country ravaged by crime? Flooded with black market guns from the US? To work shitty jobs for no money? Great you must be so proud. Especially with your 3 days of holiday a year, no right for women to maternity leave and no minimum wage. The employees of your countries biggest companies still have to rely on state handouts, because as employees in the US you have fuck all rights compared to Europe.

Jesus, read a fucking book or something and stop watching MSNBC.

Yeah, incase you forgot you dumb fuck, I'm not in the US, so I don't get MSNBC. Hilarious that you think I need to read a book when litterally everything that comes out of your brain is wrong. You literally are a simpleton. I bet you have learning disabilities.

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