Girl wants to kiss guy with a kiss me sign, her dad protests the idea of her doing it. After she does it her father gets furious at her and angrily waves his arms as he is screwing at her in front of all the public.

Fair enough the video is downvoted if it's not cringe, fair enough the mods removed it.

The thing is you're wrong. I originally complained because people were calling me a liar and insulting me. You are acting like it was just your comment. It was yours, then another, then another then I couldn't comment from the downvotes and the video I thought was cringe was hammered to invisibility to know mention of low quality and that was the only response I had from the video. Of course I was indignant my only response is insults and liar accusations.

I was insulted and accused of a liar as the only response. I really dislike people like you that when someone receives unjust treatment they are told to "calm down" for saying anything. Being your punching back is the only acceptable response. The thing that actually I find really ridiculous is that you know your comment was not seen as a joke. All the comments following it's stance were definitely not a joke and for you to claim it is a joke is backpedalling now. I really hate the "it was just a joke" angle because people use it as an excuse to say and do anything like you're doing now. Nothing matters because you can always paint someone as a crybaby for speaking out and repeat "calm down" as many times as possible or say they should "have thicker skin". No mention of people being total morons and considering me a liar for no reason.

If you were going to be a dick at least stick with it.

Really I hate this fucking site. That people act this way and they're on top. Maybe that is the way this site works, if it is- I want no part in it.

You know very well I wasn't focusing on karma, when did I say "My precious karma!" I was focusing on the fact that people were being so nasty and you know it. I only mentioned karma when people were making me unable to comment from the surge of downvotes.

All you are doing is totally backpedalling. First of all trying to spin everything so I'm some dude who deserved nasty behaviour because I was "caring about karma" when I was saying why is everyone calling me a liar right now. Second of all you were the first to make the accusations and you incited it and now you're seeing how stupid all the posters here are you're honestly trying to say that was a joke. Third of all.. You know what I can't even be bothered, I'm out. People here suck.. You were one of them so don't act all high and mighty now, if you're having pangs of conscience how about not being a dick to start off with. Backpedalling and claiming "oh it was just le epic ruse all along" just makes you a hypocrite because you called me a liar to start. Let me return the favour and invite you to "just admit you were being a dick instead of lying that it was a joke". If you're going to be a dick back pedalling just makes you look worse.

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