Destiny says what got Valkyrae in trouble and why its stupid

To help you make sense of my point you raised in your second paragraph, that's why I used the phrasing "indirectly contributes", because he's swaying the opinions of the masses who go on to get a raging hate boner for whatever the controversy might be, i.e. adding fuel to the fire. Which can sometimes lead to to deplatforming, etc. which I'd agree is a decent base-level definition of cancel culture.

I'll admit I don't follow him closely so I shouldn't have said it was a large portion of his content, but it's certainly at least some of it. And to be clear, he seems like a really intelligent person and I'm sure he has content that isn't in the drama-farming category (I've listened to one of his debates and he can make quite the argument). But I guess being involved in the TMZ-like content category at all is enough for me to make that clip seem a bit hypocritical to me.

But thanks for actually replying instead of just downvoting any opinion that doesn't align with your own, I appreciate it.

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