Underwhelming results for NMIXX and Seulgi?

I don't really care about charts or sales that deeply. I like parts from NMIXX's DICE, just not together in one song.

Really enjoy Seulgi & Red Velvet, her debut was very hyped. I'm happy she got too, and I liked the mini; 28 reasons, bad boy sad girl, crown are great songs. The concept was good.

But overall, was it memorable to me? No. It's fine, I neither love it or hate it, I like listening to it. I feel like I could see other artists sing these songs. Her solo was very anticipated and I feel like a lot(?) of people were letdown, at least that's what I've seen (besides the seulgi stans). She sold 187k copies, so people liked it to enough to buy. I bought a copy.

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