Did WW2 really start (indirectly or directly) because of the harsh treatment/punishment of Germany after WW1?

I would also say that those who don't look at different perspectives and get tend to get their information from sources that are continually being proven, not really false, just lacking the whole truth, rather it be from evidence not being founded or hidden from public view. I mean just recently we found out that St. Patrick didn't have as high of a body count as many claimed because of missing evidence. I understand that I may have been mistaken, I am human, we tend to do that... a lot... But what I was offering is a perspective that isn't offered to most as it is unpopular information. Perhaps it has its flaws like anything else, but instead of attacking and marginalizing me from upon your pedestal, you could step down here and have a discussion with me about where I might be right, where I might be wrong, and help me find the truth to situations as I was doing here. That's what this site is about, right? It is this challenging perceptive that helps us get to the bottom of what really happened in history, for if you don't remember, actually documenting our history is a relatively short amount of time compared to the some 4,000-150,000 years we've been on this planet, and even then, mass literacy wasn't a thing until much later. Sounds like you're telling me that there is no way that we can be mistaken about history. No need to investigate further. That is what I personally tend to distrust. As far as the 135 Trillion remark, my mistake, it was Gold Marks, and this can be found in The Advocate for Peace by The American Peace Society. As far as the 'depleted' wealth, well how else would you describe a broke country during a depression? I would suggest that you take an open mind to all information equally. Be skeptical, yes, this is important to logically work through the truths and falsehoods, but don't take this as an opportunity to wave your ePen around, no one wants to see that anyways.

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