What a healthy relationship can do. No matter how much I crack, I'll never fully break-- thanks to my SO. (explanation in comments)

So, I'm going on 7 weeks waiting for my unemployment insurance to approve my case (or even comment/update on it at all) after losing my job. Overwhelmed with stress, losing sleep, feeling deflated. Especially, feeling guilty about gaming while waiting on the case and any jobs to get back to me.

But my SO of 9 years just.. lets me be me. Picks up the burden of bills when I can't. Encourages me to take measures to relieve stress and not beat myself up. Even urges me to take this time in between jobs to see if my art/sculptures/YouTube could go anywhere to make me happier than my main profession.

The ebb and flow of give and take is so seamless with him. Before I met him I thought screaming matches were a part of all relationships (courtesy to my parents and my exes families all being bloated with generational trauma and anger).

Don't settle for anyone who kicks you when you're down.

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