Does Taiping Christianity still exist?

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I have actually read that answer before. My theory as to why there were so few Taiping Christians in 1864 compared to previous dates is because devout followers of any ideology are generally more inclined to off themselves, either intentionally due to ideological reasons or (more likely in the case of the Taiping) or unintentionally due to unnecessarily putting themselves in severe danger.

I'm thinking of two possibilities.

  1. Perhaps after news of Hong Xiuquan's death from eating poisonous herbs and later Tianguifu's execution spread amongst the Taiping, the Taiping came to the conclusion that neither Hong had a divine mandate after all and thus the religion died out virtually overnight. This would explain why the Taiping religion is currently dead and why we haven't seen a revival of the Taiping. This does not explain the Taiping resistance that continued until as late as 1871 however.

  2. I forgot the second possibility.

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