[Discussion] ABers in your 30s, share your skincare routine!

31 here. Skin type is normal-to-oily, yellow-brown South Asian complexion prone to pigmentation. Skin is clear except for 1-2 spots a month. Took accutane 3 years ago, which saved me from pitted scarring, which I was beginning to get near my temples. Skin concerns are maintenance. Almost no fine lines or wrinkles due to having oily brown skin, but my cheeks have less volume than they did 5 years ago.


**Gentle cleanser such as CeraVe or Glossier Milky Jelly

**Azelaic Acid/Financea (Prescription)

**Elta MD SPF 46 or Glossier SPF 35

**Embryolisse moisturizer

*Makeup (thin layer of matte foundation + powder)


**Remove makeup with Makeup Eraser towel

**Cleanse with Obagi or any gentle foaming cleanser

**Thin layer of Tretinoin (prescription) about 4x a week

**Embryolisse moisturizer

**Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask

**Occasional (like 1-2x a month): Clay mask such as Origins Out of Trouble, Glam Glow Mud, or Glossier Green Galaxy.

**Super occasional: sheet masks with a preference for milky vs clear essence. Really like the 7 Days brand from CVS. However, I find sheet masks to be wasteful and prefer jar masks now.

**Body: any moisturizer in winter. Stridex Red Box or CosRX AHA Liquid for clogged pores on the body and after shaving.

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