Discussion: Should bike shops be open during the COVID19 outbreak?

You see "Recreational rider".

BITCH I'm a civil engineer who literally runs around the job site in steal toed boots all day. I used to have to bike to my dishwashing job in January in New York; I used to have to bike to go do laundry in July in San Diego.

But now that I'm almost 40, and I drive every day in a company truck, I "panic bought" that clearance bike I've been fretting for a month so I could get in a fit & and a tune up before YOUR bussiness closed.

I'm addicted to those endorphins, fine, I've got the shoulder & spine MRI's to prove I'm addicted & wont ever stop. But I also really do need to run in steel toes every day & endurance cycling is a magical energy machine.

Like, no shit most of your business is recreational. That doesn't WHATSOEVER means it isn't also essential. Have some pride in your work & someday you'll make enough money that you COULD drive but you wont & some clueless kid will lump you in with the clueless freds as well. Damn. Not sorry. Recreational is good it means you aren't poverty stricken it doesn't mean your weak or undeserving. That would be like saying you don't deserve a bicycle because of your weekly income. WHich is lower than your target demographics'. But obviously as a professional you know thats bullshit & everyone deserves to ride.

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