Dogecoin Foundation on Twitter: "@CoinSwapNet We request that you delist #Dogecoin. We feel that an association with #GAW does not serve the shibe community."

I could literally debunk all of these posts.

First link: You don't think this oozes of negative bias? Just read the title. Also what true proof is there in that post? I mean sure, there are some red flags there are some worrying things but there is no proof of any scam or fraud ongoing, and everyone condemning it so is just absurd. Look at cryptodouble, or ltcgear, why is no one speaking up about that? Ltcgear is 4 weeks behind on payment... GAW made every payment date ever since it was started, and still hasn't missed a single one. The only ones yelling gaw is a scam are people not involved with GAW in any way, except for them being very anti-GAW for whatever their reasons are. The policing is rediculous, we cannot self-police if we cannot at least be reasonable. All we are being now is carrying double standards and blindfully being abused imo.

Second link: Yeah again, just look at the title, how subjective is this?

Third link & 4th link; really it's just more unsubstantiated FUD and fishing for bad stuff to say about paycoin. I mean, do you really believe a company with over 25.000 customers who carry average investments of 500$+ and buys BTC.COM for 1 million$ will go and rip off a 1.000$ logo design? Or will they spend a 1000$ themselves, and are there virtually no new ideas under this sun (as the saying goes, and is probably even more true for logo design).

Fifth link; It was literally pointed out in the thread that that ferrarri was owned by garza since 09, I mean, thats when the bitcoin genesis block was mined. All of this just shows how reaching all these things are to me.

But the main thing is, I'm not making this post to convince anyone.

I honestly don't want or expect anything from you or anyone else reading this, and I don't want you to buy paycoin if you don't want to. Really.

What I'm trying to do is find out what is true, what is fair, and what is speculation.

But I can't.

I really can't.

And as a shibe, to another shibe, that's the sadness my posts want to share with you, we are so obsessed with self policing that we are just shouting trying to be the loudest from both sides of the fence and with no one being truly well informed. And that's whats saddening me and I find sickening. On top of that tons of people are jumping on one bandwagon or another all while also being quite misinformed.

I'm not here to play devils advocate. In fact I know me making this post is entirely futile. It's just so I could vent the sadness at best I guess.

I mean honestly, the logo stuff, are there truly any new logos under the sun? And is a company who bought for 1 million $ purposely copying designs and plagiatising a what would cost 1000$ to design logo?

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