Domestic na Kanojo - Chapter 266

Last 2-3 chapters were a pretty shitty reading experience. It's absolutely not necessary to include any more drama into the story. Every fking long-time fan of the manga just wanted to nice closure for all the characters we followed and loved! We wanna see Rui and natsuo happily ever after and Hina move on and find her own happiness~ Is it really necessary to add more suffering and hardship? Does it fucking value add to the PLOT OR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT?? OBVIOUSLY FUCKING NOT!

In a span of 2-3 chapters, the whole manga went from a "dumpster fire everyone loved and can't stop watching" (To quote Gigguk) to "fucking forest fire EVERYONE DREAD TO CONTINUE WATCHING"!

I respect Kei Sasuga for her work and it was an enjoyable roller coaster ride so far! If only she would just end her excellent work on a bright note with some slice-of-life interactions and some nice closures... ahwell just my personal opinion anyway (A lot of people probably still enjoy this drama)! Just gonna wait for the whole manga to end before finishing the remaining chapters~

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