Don't know what to think (rant)

The thing that sucks about TRP, in my opinion (female here), is that some of their concepts of psychology about seduction are actually sound.
That's the biggest problem -- that some of the techniques work. When you throw a teeny bit of truth into a bucket full of bullshit, it tends to lend credibility to that bucket 'o' shit -- so then you end up not knowing which way is up. What works, then, and what doesn't, and WHY does it work, and WHY doesn't it work -- it becomes a maelstrom of confusion, until (for me) you just throw up your hands and say FUCK IT.

For me, when I first discovered TRP, I did so because I'd been played like a fucking violin and then dumped. I didn't actually end up sleeping with the asshole, thank GOD for my brain, because he would have cut me to pieces, emotionally. I was COMPLETELY ASTONISHED at how I responded to this guy, emotionally, physically...I felt out of control, overwhelmed by my desire for him, and it scared the living shit out of me, because all of my intellectual reasoning was not helping me gain control of myself. As my self-esteem was further eroded away by how this person acted with me, the more TRP seemed to make total sense. It made me so depressed that I felt like just dying. If I could be played like a violin with such effectiveness that my own reason could be overridden by some guy who knew what buttons to push, that pretty much meant I had no control over anything and, why try anymore? Just give up, and realize that I was nothing more than a "target".

Months later, after being away from this person's influence, and after I started "healing" a bit (god knows how, maybe time heals stuff), I started re-reading TRP stuff. I was again shocked, but for a different reason: IT SEEMED VERY, VERY FUCKED UP NOW... it seemed that all the men there just hated, I mean HATED, women. Maybe I was unable to see that at first because my emotional state had been compromised -- who knows. But that's my theory. At this moment, I can't really even read TRP on Reddit anymore because I'm actually afraid of the myopia on that page. It's like reading comments from seriously deranged people.

At the moment, I'm not sure what's right or wrong with the red pill people. I've been staying away from it and trying to just be in my life. Perhaps I'll get a chance later to explore it more, but at the moment, I just don't feel completely safe doing that right now.

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