Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

Despite being so different on the outside, Yukiho and Makoto are really alike.

Maybe this finally explains what Link Monsters are.


This is my hamster zone.


Takane’s existence defies the laws of calories.

Must...protect...Yayoi’s...innocence… psst...

That’s evil...and so very smart…

Majestic Makoto

Real life Gero-Gero Kitchen

Hibiki and Hamuzou are so in sync.

Precious hamster must be protected

Kotori all alone…

A happy Yayoi is a good Yayoi.

Must...stop...romantic subplot minor spoilers


The men of 765Pro relaxing like bros

The Idolm@ster is an idol anime.

Just to show how filthy rich the Minase family is, they apparently own a brewery.

Azusa would make a good drinking buddy.

I’d ship it.

Iori, Azusa, Ami...and Ryuuguu Komachi?

While today can be considered your typical “fanservice” episode, I think this episode does a lot to reinforce the theme of unity. They’re all really good friends. Even Makoto and Iori who were bickering in Episode 1 seem to get along well. So far, with the way that their work has been going, it’s hard for them to imagine them being apart, so much as even a year from now they’re still in the mindset that they can all be together for a trip like this.

Just as a preview of things to come, the new idol unit, Ryuuguu Komachi, is going to change all of this, for better or for worse. On one hand, Ryuuguu Komachi is going to be insanely well-marketed, and more jobs will be coming in for them. On the other hand, just the thought of separating these three from the other twelve already starts to put a strain on this idea of unity.

For those of you looking forward to the idol performances similar to Love Live, look forward to Ryuuguu Komachi’s episode tomorrow.

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