1. Rogue: If you can outlast the Rogue, you win. I believe that you’re slightly favored against Miracle and perhaps Odd, but at the very least it’s both 50/50. My stats don’t reflect that because I only got the hang of it in my later games. Do not mulligan for Rin, since she often functions as simply a 6 mana taunt card since Seals are too slow to play. I subbed Ooze into my list since I was up against quite a bit of Rogues. Mulligan for that, and for all 2 and 4 mana cards except Defile and (situationally) Spellbreaker. Get preferably more 2 mana than 4. Mountain Giant is generally better vs Odd rogue than in Miracle due to Sap; sometimes it is correct to mulligan Giant if going first with a weak hand.
    • If they keep 3-4 cards, you have to assume the worst: they will 1 drop into Coldblood, so consider Doomsayer T2 here. Doomsayer early before Sap and Vilespin is a good play. Your 2-health two drops often won’t trade 1-1, keep that in mind. Felsoul is great in this matchup as it buys you a turn; they will save Vilespin for what they assume to be bigger minions. Miracle often has 4 health minions (Defile+Hellfire), and Odd Rogue often has 3 health ones.
    • If you play Curse of Weakness, consider getting minions to -2 attack to prevent Fungalmancer. They will not expect the Twisting Nether, but watch out for Leeroy burst in the subsequent turn. Deathwing should be used as a last result as it can be answered with Vilespin. Without Guldan, you can win with your strong board clears combined with decent face damage from your own minions. When you Guldan the game usually ends, since the revived taunt minions plus 5 armor plus 3 lifesteal every turn is too big of a swing.
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