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Once again, I encourage everybody to find the full yet legal versions of these songs. Though if you need help sailing the high seas, I sell compasses.

Onegai! Cinderella - Lyrics

The main theme song of the Cinderella Girls generation.

Every girl’s dream is to have a Cinderella story, and CG is going to be a retelling of that story. You may notice a lot of references to Cinderella as well as other folk tales throughout the series. Cinderella may be the dream, but the story of Cinderella comes with its own nightmares as well.

And there is this ever present threat of the dream ending. When will Cinderella’s clock strike?

You will notice throughout the series that the Cinderella Girls are split up into three different categories: Cute, Cool, and Passion. And these categories are mentioned in the first verse of the song.

Susume☆Otome ~jewel parade~ - Lyrics

Another major theme song for the Cinderella Girls generation.

The major theme of the series this time is not unity but rather happiness and smiles. For all of these girls, their happiness comes from shining and doing their best, to be the princess they’ve always wanted to be.

The Producer has his work cut out for him trying to make all fourteen girls shine. He’s not as relational as AkaP was, and this will consistently be a shortcoming for him.

Message - Lyrics

Today’s ED. Once again, this is the dream for most girls. The dream always goes perfectly, but what happens when you wake up from the dream?

Daily Million Live

Suteki na Kiseki - Mirai Kasuga - Lyrics

Starting off our main trio, we have Mirai Kasuga, the main girl of the Million Live series, and naturally, she’d be the Haruka of Million Live. She takes genki to an extreme. Even just looking at her design, if Haruka and Honoka from Love Live had a kid, Mirai would be that kid. And she pretty much inherits both of their personalities, from their positivity to their klutziness.

“Mirai” means future, and so often times people will call her “future” (Don’t lewd the future!). But her name can also be derived from the syllables of Million Live (Mirion Raibu).

Full version here.

Mirai Card Arts: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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