I am just a regular person that doesn't match DPS rotations, joins lots of random groups at LFG, plays at 200ms average and got some friends to raid together once per week and is as frustred as everyone else waiting for a new wing to come out.

As you can imagine, our group isn't much better than LFG groups. We have (some) proper meta builds and try to keep comunication about mechanics (and goofing around), but that's about it. We try to stay updated to rotations and builds, but everything struggles around our ping and abilities. We focus on both "how can we fail least?" and "how can we fit everyone's ability this boss?".

About two months ago I wanted to play something other than the usual and, on our group and LFG as well, we get to try things and I remembered this Healer Scourge topic and decided to give a chance (since legendary set makes it easier to mess around).

I got this idea to our group and tried to replace the second druid. We started at VG, everyone was thinking would be bad... but it worked wonders. We didn't spend more than two pulls to kill it (

We usually struggles for around an hour on VG trying to overheal greens (until we give up and start doing greens), so I decided to try there - and barrier was pretty good there anyway. After a pull or two we could manage it to work properly and that was the start of less food spent on tries.

After that, we included Healer Scourge on our regular runs and it's doing great - even more on training runs. I could talk more about how great Healer Scourge is but Teapot does an amazing job with a very cool video, so take a look.

Another regular day came and our group was running some bosses. We got to sloth and LFG'ed for more people. A DPS came and we assigned him to the second mushroom and, on the first try, we saw that the person didn't know how to do it and we ended surrounded by poison BUT, instead giving up we tried to sustain the poison and keep everyone alive - of course we couldn't - but it was fun. Some days later we decided to try to not eat any mushroom and endure the whole fight standing on the poison. After one pull we decided to get a third healer and, to everyone's surprise, we got the kill. We didn't record, but we upload that ~chaotic~ log on gw2raidar and (dps.report)[https://dps.report/0OVI-20180908-211424_sloth])

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