I always wanted a more metallic or knightly look for my Elementalist, more towards "Battle Mage". Since he is a front fighter (Sword/Dagger), it was time to get something more robust than cloth armor (well, I also love shiny armor).

At the same time he shouldn't get too bulky (and yes, that's possible with a Charr, even with light armor), but should look slim and agile (for a Charr :P).

I was also tired of wearing a skirt or something similar, so I had to get some nice pants.

Since I am a fan of Magitech weapons (Magic enhanced technology), I decided to use the Inquest Mark 2 weapons. The grips of these weapons fit quite well with the rest of the metal outfit. They also match the somewhat more futuristic style of the Warbeast armor.

This has been my result so far, criticism / suggestions / opinions are very welcome :)

Link for more Screenshots -> GW2 Style Post


Seer Mask

Warbeast Mantle

Warbeast Vestment

Bladed Gloves

Profane Pants

Warbeast Shoes


Shadow Blue

Heirloom Red

Imperial Red

Oxblood Red


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