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Once again, I encourage everybody to find the full yet legal versions of these songs. Though if you need help sailing the high seas, I sell compasses.

While I think Chihaya is the better vocalist, I think Hibiki has the most amazing song selections.

Pon de Beach - Hibiki Ganaha - Lyrics

Ten to Umi no Shima - Hibiki Ganaha - Lyrics

Hibiki is an Okinawan at heart. You can hear it in her accent. Plenty of her songs pack that beach-like summer flair you can only find there.

Brand New Day! - Hibiki Ganaha - Lyrics

Today’s ED, and one of Hibiki’s image songs. Hibiki is probably the second most athletic of the group behind Makoto, and so a lot of her songs are very active songs, pushing forwards, running ahead, etc.

TRIAL DANCE - Hibiki Ganaha - Lyrics

DREAM - Lyrics

Then again, one of the things that makes me really like Hibiki is the vast variety of music styles she can pull off. Back in Episode 9, we saw her do a pure EDM song, Next Life. She came from Project Fairy, the intense hardcore style that 961Pro promotes that’s different from the happy stuff of 765Pro. TRIAL DANCE follows along this same vein of this hard impactful style with lots of drive.

DREAM is an entirely different style, having a bit more of a Latin flair to it. While DREAM isn’t directly associated with Hibiki, I think she is the best soloist for it, and she’s the only one with a Master Artist recording for it.

Full song: DREAM

Rebellion - Hibiki Ganaha - Lyrics

And by far, my favorite Hibiki song, Rebellion. Her fiery nature truly comes out in this song. It’s a combination of the passion and the speed that really makes her true nature come out here more than ever. If you only listen to one song today, listen to this one. It is my favorite song in the entire franchise.

More Hibiki covers! ALL THE HIBIKI COVERS!

She does some damn good covers, and I think they’re often better than the originals.

ambivalent world (Cover) - Hibiki Ganaha - Lyrics

Hibiki is apparently also a monkey. Taken from Bakemonogatari.

Buzzstyle (Cover) - Hibiki Ganaha - Lyrics

I understand that this is a popular song somehow. I think Hibiki rocks it either way.

Nada Sousou (Cover) - Hibiki Ganaha - Lyrics

And then we get something more relaxing and soothing.

Climber’s High - Manami Numakura - Lyrics

So why do I have the OP from Fuuka here as my last choice?

Well, the anime music industry is small enough to notice some crossovers and coincidences. Manami Numakura, the singer for Climber’s High, is actually the VA for Hibiki.

Now knowing this information, listen to this song and try to unhear the Hibiki. You can’t, I can’t. I can really only imaging Hibiki singing this song now. You can hear tinges of it in her singing voice, and I don’t even think the VA herself is from Okinawa. I think this song fits the Hibiki image well, which is why I chose it.

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