Edmonton extends mask bylaw until December 2021

I work for Guest Services in Londonderry Mall. I sent an email the mall Administration detailing some concerns I had with the safety of Santa Photos in the mall and also the lack of mask enforcement.

I know if my boss sees this it'll point me out, but to hell with it. I got called in for a meeting where they stated that enforcement was strictly the concern of Bylaw officers and that it was a liability for Security to enforce the mask policy instead of just reminding people about it.

So, the meeting was pointless and just proved to me that they didn't care for the people at Guest Services. And after I fielded a call about a COVID-19-positive customer having visited the mall two days before I took said call and sent an email to Admin stating my course of transferring the call to Security, it was only then I was informed about our new COVID report policy.

Unacceptable, and damn whatever consequences if I get in trouble for saying this.

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