ELI5: Why are there so many videos of police behaving badly lately? Is it a rise in police violence or a rise in people filming it, and why?

Part of the reason the white serial killers weren't killed on the spot is they probably surrendered in a very non-confrontational way rather than in a shootout or after assaulting a police officer. Michael Brown was not shot because of the robbery. That's what lead the police officer to him, but he was shot because he got into a fight with the officer. The word thug is used to describe any violent idiot. It doesn't have to be a black guy. Where is your evidence to back up such a claim that thug is a term to label black people. And you think that white people getting shot doesn't get swept under the rug? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/01/dillon-taylor-shooting-justified_n_5912976.html

it doesn't help that much of the black community wears the same outfits as gang members while cherishing the rappers and other artists who celebrate the murdering of police officers. It's rather difficult to tell the gang members apart from the wannabes, especially in places like LA. That place is a shit show. I've been mugged twice because I look like a cop. Apparently being white and having very angular facial features makes me look like a cop.

That being said, there is a huge issue of race that is rampant. Especially with that absolutely disgusting issue in South Carolina. It made me sick hearing about that. That man is a terrible cop, a terrible person, and he should get the death penalty. Cops need better training for one, but the entire country needs a better selection process when it comes to how they choose their officers and the criteria they use. Hiring all these trigger happy former military people is fucking stupid and breeds violence when they came from a profession that had to be inherently violent.

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