ELI5: Potential effects of Ringer Union?

I think it's always a good idea to support unions in generel but The Ringer is a relativly small company with a pretty unique structure and I'm just not convinced it's as easy as their letter of intent makes it out to be. I think we should talk a little about "worst case scenarios", just because businesses aren't really known to just give their employees what they want out of the goodness of their heart.

The potential is, that the executive side of the Ringer tells their employees that: - pretty much all of them have said this is the best job they've ever had and a lot of people would love to have it without a Union - that The Ringer is one of the few places that significantly expanded and hired content people, while a lot of other companys let them go, so their chances at a similar job a pretty terrible - that they're not all worth the same and they'll directly tell someone like Jason Concepcion how much money he gives up by beeing paid in line with others

All the business The Ringer is doing is pretty hard to comment on publicly. because we don't actually know anything about their salary structure, especially compared to similar outlets or exactly how much they make from ads. I think overall the site is pretty unique.

Their demands would significantly increase the costs of running The Ringer. There is no way, they just hand out more benefits, still employ the same amount of people and move on. The move might be a good long term thing, but there is a big chance it's also a bad one for some people short term, who might straight up lose their job.

A big thing I think a lot of them never think about is how much Bill Simmons is driving the site overall. If he decides it's not worth it to run the site while having to deal with the demands of the union, he can leave tomorrow, sell the assets go The Athletic, back to ESPN, do more documentary stuff or just start a new thing. People would follow him like they did before. He made a lot of their careers.

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