I don't think pods have gotten worse, we just got spoiled this time last year with only Sal, House, and Russilo pods which are the main reason most of us listen

Yes they have. Go back and look at when he first started The Ringer compared to now. Like look at just the title of each pod starting in 2015 up until now.

You’ll notice...

-Only one guest, maybe 2. Now it’s 3-4 sometimes and those guests aren’t very good.

-Only one topic discussed, maybe 2. Now those 3-4 guests talk about different topics.

-Lots of long form interviews. Now it’s almost none (you could say pandemic but everyone can Zoom now) it was even before the pandemic. I mean he interviewed Gucci Mane in 2016, Like wtf? How did that happen? Bill is an average interview but he still got a lot of different people.

-Most of the pods had different content each hardly repeated topics, now each pod now is bloated with to many topics instead of just focusing on 1-2, and it’s topics where it’s out of Bills range.

-His takes are so bad now. I don’t know if it’s because he’s just gotten older, more out of touch or he’s focused more on his kids now which I can understand but there’s hardly any research behind those takes. Also he seems to think his rakes are some “secret” only he knows and that they’re well informed.

-I know he’s a homer but Jesus it’s gotten so much worse. No matter the subject it’s has to come back to the Celtics or his family but mostly Celtics.

-Someone brought this up and I didn’t realize till they said it, he doesn’t care what the guest says, he doesn’t listen to them. Just waits for them to finish so he can give his shitty take and bring it back to the Celtics.

-His trade scenarios are so bad. They don’t make sense and would never happen, ever. Just because it works in a trade machine doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen. It’s rare you see trades like he proposes happen. His Russell Wilson to the Jets for two first picks and Sam Darnold was bad (I think that was the trade) Mina shot that shit down super quick.

I mean I could go on. I feel like Marge at that couples retreat when she lists off all of Homers faults and she’s fucking tired after because there’s so many. Look he’s declined which was going to happen, Grantland was his apex. It’s okay that he’s declined but damn have some self awareness that you have and do it gracefully, he’s doubled down.

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