ELI5:What makes me... me? Memories? Consciousness? My body? And why?

Theres not really a satisting answer. There are so many factors we know of and likely many more we do not.

As close as i've ever come is that we are our senses and a cpu basicly. Our body recieves information from its surroundings through sight/smell/touch/sound and the information is processed into thoughts, subconscious and conscious.

Through time, these thoughts are compiled into ideals and world views. We learn through our experiences and it shapes how we experience things, building on itself.

As infants, theres not much to us. We are a blank computer turned on and allowed to collect information to process. We grow and the information grows with us.

Imagine being deaf/blind/unable to smell or feel physical touch sensations at all. What would be left? Your thoughts.

And trapped with only your thoughts? How do you grow? You build new information through the lack of sensory information combined with information in your memories compiled together through conscious and unconscious thought.

We are our thoughts, our memories, our experiences; we are computational organic machines.

What prevents me from feeling like you? My brain and its stored information and the sensory information it recieves from the world around it.

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