Episode 2 - Questionable Artistic Decisions


"All The Tired Horses" - Bob Dylan (1970) / clip from 'A Might Wind' movie (2003)/ "Pro's & Cons of Hitchhiking" - Roger Waters (1983) / "Don't Drive Drunk" - Stevie Wonder (1984) / "Computer Age" - Neil Young (1982) / "Backchat" - Queen (1982) / 'High Fidelity' movie clip (2000) / "It Had To Be You" - Rod Stewart (2002) / "Rhythm of Love" - Yes (1987) / "Roll The Bones" - Rush (1991) / "Changes" - Ozzy & Kelly Osbourne (2003) / "911 Is A Joke" - Duran Duran (1995) "Part Of Me" Chris Cornell (2009) / "Red, White & You" - Steven Tyler (2016)

John Lennon discussion:

"Temporary Secretary" background music - Paul McCartney

[from the 'McCartney II' album] (1980)

"Don't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow) (live)" clip - Yoko Ono

[from the 'Live Peace In Toronto' album] (1969)

"Remember Love" (bonus track) background music - Yoko Ono

[from the 'Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins' album] (1968)

Pop Quiz Time:

"Breakout" clip - Black Sabbath

[from the 'Never Say Die' album] (1978)

Elvis discussion:

"War (live)" clip - Bruce Springsteen

[from the 'Live/1975-85' album] (1986)

'Having Fun With Elvis Onstage'album clips (1974)

clip from the movie 'Loving You' (1957)

"Mean Woman Blues" - Elvis Presley

[from the 'Loving You' soundtrack album] (1957)

Qualifications discussion:

"Living On A Prayer" - Bon Jovi/ Europe mash-up (who cares?)

Neil Young discussion:

"Who's Gonna Stand Up?" clip - Neil Young

[from the 'Storytone' album] (2014)

'Die Hippie, Die' clip - South Park (2005)

"After The Goldrush" clip - Neil Young

[from the 'After The Goldrush' album] (1970)

Rush discussion:

"Time Stand Still (with Aimee Mann)" clip - Rush

[from the 'Hold Your Fire' album] (1987)

"Grand Designs" clip - Rush

"Emotion Detector" clip - Rush

[both from the 'Power Windows' album]

"Driven" - Rush

[from the 'Test For Echo' album] (1998)

Metallica discussion:

"Think!" - 'Jeopardy' tv show theme clip - Merv Griffin (1964)

"Frantic" clip - Metallica

[from the 'St. Anger' album] (2003)

"Junior Dad" background music - Lou Reed & Metallica

[from the 'Lulu' album] (2011)

Lou Reed discussion:

"Metal Machine Music Part 1" clip - Lou Reed

[from the 'Metal Machine Music' album] (1975)

"Brandenburg Gate" clip - Lou Reed & Metallica

[from the 'Lulu' album] (2007)

Pink Floyd / Roger Waters discussion:

"One Slip" clip - Pink Floyd

"On The Turning Away" clip - Pink Floyd

"Dogs of War" clip - Pink Floyd

[all from the 'A Momentary Lapse of Reason' album] (1987)

clip from the 'Goodfellas' movie (1990)

"Money" clip - Pink Floyd

[from the 'Dark Side of The Moon' album] (1973)

"The Post War Dream" clip - Pink Floyd

[from 'The Final Cut' album] (1983)

BBC Rock Hour Roger Waters clip (1985)

"4:30 am (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)" - Roger Waters

[from 'The Pro's & Cons of Hitchiking' album] (1984)

"Radio Waves" - Roger Waters

"Four Minutes" - Roger Waters

[both from the 'Radio KAOS' album] (1987)

"Perfect Sense, Part I" clip - Roger Waters

"Perfect Sense, Part II" clip - Roger waters

[both from the 'Amused To Death' album] (1992)

"Flickering Flame" - Roger Waters

[from the album 'Flickering Flame: The Solo Years Volume I'] (1991)

"The Final Cut" - Pink Floyd

[from 'The Final Cut' album] (1983)

Qualifications reminder:

"In Another Land" background clip - The Rolling Stones

[from Their Satanic Majesties Request] (1967)

Stevie Wonder discussion:

"Earth's Creation" clip - Stevie Wonder

[from the 'Journey Through The Secret Lives Of Plants' album] (1979)

Black Sabbath discussion:

"The Illusion of Power (featuring Ice-T)" clip - Black Sabbath

[from the 'Forbidden' album] (1995)

"Changes" clip - Kelly & Ozzy Osbourne

[from the 'Shut Up/Changes' album] (2003)

clip from the 'Speak Of The Devil' album (1982)

Duran Duran discussion:

"Lay Lady Lady" clip - Duran Duran

[from the 'Thank You' abum] (1995)

"Farewell To John Denver" clip - Monty Python

[from the 'Instant Record Collection' album] (1981)

Steven Tyler discussion:

"Red, White & You" clip - Steven Tyler [single] (2016)

"Love Is Your Name" clip - Steven Tyler [single] (2015)

'Funhouse' episode clip from The Sopranos tv show (2000)

Bob Dylan discussion:

"Take Me as I Am (Or Let Me Go)" clip - Bob Dylan

[from the 'Self Portrait' album] (1970)

"Saved" clip - Bob Dylan

[from the 'Saved' album] (1980)

"Tight Connection to My Heart (Has Anybody Seen My Love)" clip - Bob Dylan

[from the 'Empire Burlesque' album] (1985)

assorted clips from 'Family Guy' tv show

"Not Dark Yet" clip - Bob Dylan

[from the 'Time Out Of Mind' album] (1997)

Pop Quiz:

"Here Comes The Night" clip - Beach Boys

[from the 'L.A. (Light Album)' album] (1979)

Prince discussion:

"Family Name" clip - Prince

[from the 'Rainbow Children' album] (2001)

"My Name Is Prince" clip - Prince

[from the 'Love Symbol' album] (1992)

"New Power Soul" clip - Prince & The New Power Generation

[from the 'New Power Soul' album] (1998)

NPG operator" clips - Prince & The New Power Generation

[from the 'Love Symbol album'] (1992)

"I Can't Make You Love Me" clip - Prince

[from Emancipation] (1996)

"Thunder" clip - Prince

[from the 'Diamonds and Pearls' album] (1991)

"Graffiti Bridge" clip - Prince

[from the 'Graffiti Bridge' album] (1990)

"Batdance" - Prince

[from the 'Batman' soundtrack album] (1989)

Chris Cornell discussion:

"Seasons" - Chris

[from 'Singles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack'] (1992)

"Get Up" clip - Chris Cornell

[from the 'Scream' album] (2009)

Queen discussion:

"Flash's Theme clip" - Queen

[from the 'Flash Gordon' soundtrack] (1980)

"Staying Power clip" - Queen

[from the 'Hot Space' album] (1982)

"The Put On Song" clip - The Smothers Brothers

[from 'Tour de Farce: American History and Other Unrelated Subjects'] (1964)

"Lily Of The Valley" clip - Queen

[from the 'Sheer Heart Attack' album] (1974)

Rod Stewart discussion:

"Have I Told You Lately (live) clip" - Rod Stewart

[from the 'Unplugged... and Seated' album] (1993)

"I'm Losing You" clip - Rod Stewart

[from the 'Every Picture Tells A Story' album] (1971)

Guns & Roses / Axl Rose discussion:

"Sorry" clip - Guns N Roses

[from 'Chinese Democracy' album] (2008)

"Coma" background music - Guns N Roses

[from the 'Use Your Illusion I' album] (1991)

"Look At Your Game, Girl" - Charles Manson / Guns N Roses [mashup]

[from the 'Lie: The Love and Terror Cult' album and 'The Spaghetti Incident' album] (1970 & 1993 respectively)

clip from 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High' movie (1982)

Outro discussion:

"Loup (Last Indian On The Moon)" clip - Paul McCartney & Wings

[from the 'Red Rose Speedway' album] (1973)

"Housequake" clip - Prince

[from the 'Sign O The Times' album]

"Fingerprint File" clip - The Rolling Stones

[from the 'It's Only Rock & Roll' album] (1974)

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