episode 2.03 "mixed signals" discussion

I see several comments about viewers not liking some of the female characters and I have to agree to some extent. The male characters are much better written and developed characters - Gary, Rome, even teen Danny. And to some extent even Eddie - he serves as someone to root against while not being actually hateable since he shows guilt and true remorse for his wrongs. Then you have Delilah who has lost her husband in such a horrific way and anyone would be a mess BUT she is written as such a weak character. She seems out of touch with her own children. She is a very flat, one dimensional character. Maggie started off as a more complex character season 1 but has now beaten cancer again and they still write her as a remose, sullen, whiner. Even with someone as positive as Gary she can suck the air out of the room. Season 1 Maggie danced in a diner! Catherine has been reduced to a victim and she is not even her own character anymore but just a pawn in Eddies story. She goes where he takes her- through sadness, running away or attempted reconciliation, it’s Eddie story and she’s along for the ride. And won’t even start on Regina.

I think if the female characters aren’t developed and given more strength, depth, positivity and able to problem solve without a man or a team of friends for every darn issue in their lives - this show won’t have a season 3.

I want to love it like I did season 1. They really need more female writers.

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