Hi, My name is tk, and I am the owner of team-mystt. We need people who know how to play, know basic smokes, flashes, and nades, and know callouts for active duty maps.

We are accepting people who are stuck in silver, gold novas, people who wanna join a team, people who are sick of playing with russians

*YOU MUST HAVE DISCORD TO JOIN. HERE IS OUR SERVER https://discord.gg/P7a8Zpv discord it is a free chat software, and it is what we will use to talk in and out of our games *

JOIN THE DISCORD AND ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS THERE. 1. Name and age? 2. Can you speak fluent English? 3.Do you watch warowl/any other method to try to get better? 4.Are you willing to work with others in a team? 5. do you take CS seriously? 6. do you consider yourself a good player? 7. ARE YA READY TO FASTEN YA SEATBELTS, CUZ ITS GONNA BE A BLOODY GOOD RIDE!?

let me know on the discord if you're interested, we can start the selection process from there also heres my steam profile link because this subreddit seems to want it https://steamcommunity.com/id/tobiaskunz

Have fun lads(n' lasses)!

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