Event: The Hyou Cave

Kisame looked around the room at the others then to Squard. He smirked, which turned into a snirk, and the a chuckle, followed by laughter. He basically had the entire groups attention at some point until he finally stopped

You cant be serious Squid. Im no sensory ninja but i get the feeling you and me are the strongest two people in this group, still not sure what the old man is capable of, you're down to one Uchiha, Izeas and Misa. You're in no position to take on any of the villages head on. We'd lose half our team on the first Assault, then out faces would be known, in fact most of ours are already, and the ninja world get together and kill us... well yall. I may the Monster of the Bloody Mist but i know when to run to fight another day.

Kisame looked at Gin and nodded in agreement for once

The old guy is right. Forgive me for stealing ideas from the Akatsuki but if ruling this world by power is really how you want to take over then you need to start with powerful ninja and take them out one by one. if we wipe them out enmass then we'll have legions of Anbu coming after us, and then after we kill them we'll have a war on our hands. we maybe in the top ten percent of ninja in the world but that means it only takes a thousand ninja to kill one of us. Konoha alone has enough ninja for that.

Kisame formed a hand sign and a water shark rose from the ground halfway and opened its jaw. Kisame sat in its open jaw with Samehada across his lap

If you want the world by force you need three things. An Army, More generals, and to take out the village weapons. I know its more like the Akatsuki to go out after Jinchuriki but it was a great plan. Hear me out. with the majority of the Akatsuki dead, if we all dress ing Akatsuki robes we will throw the villages into turmoil and confusion. They will be searching across the ninja world in several of the akatsuki hideouts to try and find answers there. this will make easier for us to attack strong ninja and jinchuriki in small cells. Our first moves should be to recruit. Afterwards we need to capture the jinchuuriki. even if we cant make then join us, having them roaming around is a serious threat to us. next we need to get more minions so to speak. Or a way to make them. Unlike me everyone of you have a chakra limit and can use it up. If i fight an army my charka is as limited as the number of people i kill. we need more people that can take out just as many against the armies we're trying to kill. that or their is that forbidden Jutsu.

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