I'm 19 years old and I'm confused.

Free yourself from the "idea of God".

Try to see "God" in all manifestations of "what is". This includes yourself and all powers and all energies around you, within you, etc. Don't feel obliged to stick with ancient definitions for "God". God cannot be defined, the same as you yourself with all your experiences and your complete awareness at this very moment cannot be defined. There are no words to describe your full experience of reality, no pictures to fully grasp and communicate your experience, no machine that can translate it into symbolic language, or unambiguous parables. So don't expect spiritual books to be able to describe "God".

Because God is everything that exists. This is why: There's just one God (everything is already encompassed inside this definition of God), God is almighty.

To truly grasp God you would need to truly grasp Love (not theoretically, you would need to experience Love). Who can do that? Love is the biggest expansion of Self. It means to appreciate everything that exists. If you can truly do this, you'll be with God. Whenever you'll be in this state of being, you'll not ask anymore about God. You'll simply enjoy everything as it is.

To reach this state you can:

  1. Follow consumerism or drugs and you'll get the positive and negative side effects. You'll experience heaven/hell.
  2. Accept and appreciate reality: heaven, with pain. Once you'll reach that state you'll be like an innocent child again, playing within this playground, not searching to hurt anyone, but trying to have fun here. Reality will become exciting, fun, fulfilling. Not always easy, but who could expect that? Our senses are made to give us feedback... if there's something wrong we should know about it... pain is there to give us this feedback, so that we can decide whether to care about it or not. Pain is necessary to be able to take good care of ourselves, to not destroy ourselves, this 'negative' feedback shows us: search for a healthier, better way of living.
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