Explaining the Japanese meme mocking ISIS (with images, tweets)

Why should Japan welcome refugees?

I'm not going to pretend to understand it 100% - I'm no international law specialist - but there are laws and treaties in place that clearly outline nations' responsibilities to refugees, and as far as I know, Japan has signed those treaties and accepted those laws.

But I'm referring specifically to people like Abe, who want to style Japan and present it to the world as a leader in peace and peacefulness - yet who refuse to actually do anything to create peace or help those who don't have a peaceful nation.

Throwing money at people in a civil war will do nothing to help them. You can't use money if you're dead. Getting people out and helping them build a new life in a safe, peaceful place is all you can do.

Well, gee - what's a safe, peaceful country people could go live in? I keep hearing Abe and company brag, and brag, and brag, and brag about how safe and peaceful Japan is, so, gee, it seems like a perfect place to send some people to live.

Yet Japan refuses to welcome them. Which is it, Abe? Is Japan a peaceful, safe place? Or is it an isolated country, closed off to foreigners? You can't have your cake and eat it, too. Is Japan a world leader in peace, or is it just an isolated nation living in a safe bubble? Are they leading or hiding?

Six refugees is not "leading the world." It isn't even participating in the world. Throwing money at a problem is not "leading." It is not "protecting peace."

They give money so people can rebuild their country instead of leaving it. Isn't that better ?

The very definition of a refugee is someone whose home is not safe for them, so, no. This is stupid. Staying in a place where you are going to die is not better than leaving. Refugees are not just regular immigrants. They are not unhappy people who want to go somewhere else to make a better life.

Refugees are specifically people who are in immediate danger of being killed in their own home nation, and have no choice but to leave. Throwing money at such people but refusing to let them live in your country is cruel, inhuman, and disgusting.

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