[F4A] I drew myself as a succubus, what would you do to get me like this?

"what would you do to get me like this?"

I'd make you edge while I call your friends and tease you. Step on your pussy to make you pause from touching. Spank your pussy. Have a bullet vibrator that I control and you hold it on your clit. Make you bounce on my lap with your plug in and pull it out from time to time.

Tell you that tonight you aren't allowed to cum. But that isn't going to stop me from using your pussy as my toy to cum inside. Then I'll make you kiss my cock while I look at prettier women online and chat with them. Only using your pussy once I call one of them and ignore your neediness like the pathetic fucktoy that you are.

Then go to sleep and leave you like that, with the command that you aren't allowed to touch yourself for the rest of the night and not without my permission as well.

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