Facebook boy can predict the future.

To be fair, I could describe most women in one paragraph.

Girls prefer detachment, edginess, fantasy and confidence over money, looks or loyalty..

Just go to a club with a plan, know before hand that you're going to need to look confident and edgy. Create a fantasy for them, something different.. Wear shit outside your comfort zone, Lie your ass off about what you do.. Detach yourself from them constantly, communicate with them with questions only, never answer questions about yourself. They're all just skulls with weak manipulative brains inside, Remember that, don't put that ratchet club hopping pussy on a pedestal, she is there to get fucked regardless of what her fat ass friend tries to tell you.. Be persistent, detached and keep your options open, keep talking to multiple women until you find one worth gravitating towards..

Eventually the getting laid thing gets old and you have to try to find someone actually worth talking to..

You will be judged, that is what women do.. They will laugh at you, but you need to kind of be stern and be confident in your story, Always be confident no matter how many girls are giggling at you.. I have had girls who outright called me a fucking loser who later went home with me.

A girl that says I don't want to spend every day re-assuring some guy that I really, truly do like him for realz is a girl that will always be searching, all men need re-assuring because women tend to be the only people who judge and care in the first place, we try to confirm that we are doing things the way they required us to do it for them to keep liking us.. We constantly need re-assurance because we don't have a fucking clue why someone so beautiful is with us. If this isn't happening than the guy doesn't even like the girl enough to give a rat shit what she thinks to begin with.

Don't take advice from women, ever. They don't know fuck all about themselves or women in general. Facts are all that matter..

Reality is no matter what you look like you will strike out 9 times out of 10 as a man. You need to have faith in yourself and be extremely confident because in the end that is exactly the type of man who goes far in this world.. Confident, self righteous "ass holes."

It's a game.

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