Unexpected backlash from Christian acquaintance for making my cast iron cookware Halal compatible

(Just wanted to clarify that if you friend told you Indian Muslims moved to Pakistan,so that's why the countries share the cuisine, that's absolute right). In that case I wish the both of you a long and prosperous friendship. If this so please totally ignore the rant follows and forgive me:) Its really late and I'm pooped, so I don't know if I read right)

That's the BIGGEST PILE OF HORSE CRAP your friend fed you buddy.

When the British decided to leave India in 1947, they decided to partition India into into 2 states ,namely India and Pakistan.

The decision was made to have Hindus living in Pakistan to move to India,and for the Muslims to move to Pakistan by the British. Millions of people were forced to move abruptly across the border,in both directions.

People fled leaving everything they owned and tried to rush across border;many times families were ripped apart. In the carnage of the religious violence that followed (with the Muslims killing Hindus ,and the Hindus killing the Muslims) over a million people died on either. It was the saddest and the grimmest period in the history of the area.

And your friend told you that ' the Muslims Indians moved there so they can eat the same food'? Am I interpreting your sentences correctly? Please correct me if I am wrong.

Because, if your friend told you that indian Muslims went across so they could eat the same food, I would call your friend either the most naive person on Earth or the biggest asshole alive. To trivialize such a barbaric episode in history when millions died on both sides, and say people moved across for the food, well I'm speechless.

And again,if I read that wrong, apologies to you and your friend. It's late and I'm functioning with the mental capacity of a sloth. I feel passionate about the because so many innocent people were killed on both sides

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