Fargo Walmart Robbed

You're either trolling in this thread or insanely stubborn and short sided. In case it's the latter.. No one is question socio-economic status of this country. The have not's are getting less and wealth distribution is fucked. In many places and situations folks do have to turn to crime to survive. HOWEVER you're placing on those very true facts on this one criminal in fargo fucking north dakota. Selling that phone on the black market for food and shelter is bullshit. that gun he pulled could have gotten way more money for support. You really can't argue that logic. Also like very many people said, it's not that hard to find a job in this town. I mean if you really look, you can find one. Felons have to look extra hard and it's possible. ex cons get shit on in this country but in this town and in this state, it's within grasp. There are programs people can use, even ex cons. People have just to work the system that's out there.

That being said, going outside the law to support yourself or family is one thing. Pulling a gun and threatening the life of another human being is another. Fuck that guy and fuck anyone sticking up for him. You crying all over this thread about empathy. What about the empathy of the person who just a fucking gun pulled on them? What about the empathy for the victim if he would've shot someone? Fuck empathy for anyone who threatens another person's life FOR A FUCKING PHONE!!!

And before you lay your "privilege" bullshit on. I'm native american and black. And if you are from this state then you fucking know the stereotypes and racism associated with being an indian. I grew up dirt poor surrounded alcoholics and drug addicts. I managed just fine avoiding a life of crime and creating a decent life myself. The opportunities I had are the same anyone else can get this state. So in closing, fuck you and your bleeding heart. you give liberals a bad name.

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