IN SEARCH OF: A NEW FASHION HOUSE TO MERGE WITH We are a group of 9 rallyers (maybe 13) who are looking for a new house to move to at the end of this year. We'd love to find the perfect fit of laid back but also clearing that board. This house was formed when the fashion houses first started, but our numbers have just dwindled over the years. We didn't have a ton of rules or anything, and we allowed toggling off. We had a requirement of 10/12 events and an agreement to make sure the flashbacks needed less than 4.00 average score to pass, but doing 11/12 is not out of the question, since most of us do that anyway. The majority of us are top level with no one lower than level 60. If someone accidentally missed a crucial event, that person would just be temporarily removed until voting for that event had come in (because accidents happen) . We don't use Messenger, but do communicate through a FB group. We always cleared all the large prizes (sometimes with a week reprieve when it was only 4 LG prizes). So we're basically looking for a house that already has the same vibe as ours, is also laid back, and would love to have us all join in.

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