FE10 Radiant Dawn Nu-Tier List: Round 18 (Astrid and Makalov)

Makalov is passably decent in 2-3, doesn't do anything noteworthy in 2-E if he even has time to, and is alright in 3-9. Long term he'll have good speed for a paladin, but unfortunately he shares his final speed cap of 33 with Titania so he can't double auras in Endgame. He needs some favoritism to catch him up to Titania levels of useful, anyway. I think D Rank is fine since this is NM and he's useful for two maps.

I posted yesterday that I thought Astrid was E Rank for NM, but then I wondered why I was defending a unit that's outclassed on bows by Shinon and outclassed on horses by almost every other paladin in the game. In Crimea she's a detriment to field if you don't give her a Killer Bow, and she's still relying on crits to finish most enemies. On top of that, even if do give her a huge amount of investment she struggles to kill without forges since BEXP doesn't favor strength for her. And she starts VERY far away from her caps. Giving her Double Bow is bad because a Marksman (AKA Shinon) uses it much better anyway. The most notable thing about her is that she provides a Paragon scroll, and that doesn't have anything to do with combat so I'll concede on F Rank.

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