In February 20,000 US troops will deploy to Europe from the US, this will be the largest deployment of US troops to Europe since the end of the Cold War

No. So first, start to learn to read before pretending to understand actual scientific matters.

Okay I’m going to reply to this just to show how dumb you are. First of all, “actual scientific matters” there’s nothing scientific going on here this is history. You could have said it was actual mathematical matters. Work on your English.

American didn't know where the fuck was France. They still freaking don't.

Screaming your own irrelevance isn’t usually something someone takes pride in. Again your grammar is horrible. You need to work on your English.

A couple of flowers were thrown. You romantize & Imagine history and you look like an idiot when you do.

“A couple of flowers were thrown.” Parades in the street as the Americans rolled on through, you painting something differently than it was is you reimagining history. Liberators of your country that was trashed in weeks.

You don't know what the fuck Staline would have done. Like you said, they may not even have beat the German without help.

Okay let’s pretend russia beats germany without any help. Why would they treat France any differently than they treated East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Albania and Yugoslavia. They wouldn’t.

It's just that you're clueless when it comes to war. Who the fuck goes all out in it's own house?

Almost everyone who is invaded. Easy WW2 examples germany, UK, Russia, Poland, Italy. France was pathetic in WW2.

The goal isn't to liberate a pile of ashes.

No the French goal was to wait to be liberated by the Americans. And hope the Russians didn’t get there first.

After Stalin beat the German, UK alone would have been enough to stay safe.

The UK could not handle Germany alone. Let alone the full strength of the Soviet Union at the end of 1945. What are you talking about.

we kicked them out.

You asked the Americans to leave and the chose to do so. You had no more ability to kick them out than the Iraqis do today.

So you're simply wrong.

Or you’re simply an edgy French teenager who is angry that France’s illusions of grandeur are hundreds of years in the past. And think that somehow a Soviet france would have been better the EU project the US built for Europe.

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