Feeling upset that no good comes from following guidelines

for real. this virus has shown me how many people don't give a fuck who dies as long as it's not them, personally. i'm so pissed at so many of my friends that i can't even be mad anymore. i am just totally deflated lmao

this whole thing makes me want to evolve into the hottest and most evil bitch possible, post-covid. like i won't even do anything evil i'll just be vindictive, and skinny, and like, a cartoon villain? lol. the idea of some unbothered metamorphosis is my saving grace

acting chill truly is the only thing that people seem to respect, even if it's the front for an action that's clearly morally deranged. this whole thing has blasted any hope i have for us dealing with climate change. i just want to be hot when i die now

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