Female who identifies with masculinity would like a relationship with a more feminine male; can I follow TRP to build my ideal relationship dynamic?

I am only attracted to men that look and act very feminine.

Once again, you would have long ago lost your virginity if this was the case. The fact that you haven't means you're not attracted to those guys for lovemaking at all. Orbiting, BFFs, other silly shit, etc etc. you may love them. But as your virginity states, not for lovemaking and thus not for any serious long term relationships. In fact, I read a study (cited in the Chateau Heartiste blog) that masculine woman actually prefer even more masculine Men. I can't find it right now though.

I'm getting the impression that you're rationalizing a lot about why guys (especially the hot attractive, i.e. dominant masculine Men) avoid committing to you and are now looking to settle for some weirdo feminine/sub guy.

The people I dated usually wanted other things, more of a short term situation for example, or were not emotionally connected enough and the interactions were robotic and not working.

This goes back to what I said about masculinity and promiscuity/infidelity, and also how genuine/congruent with yourself you are. Masculine tendencies include high sex drive, and promiscuity. This makes the Man very attractive (sexual intent/escalation + preselection = tingle overflow), but makes women horrible, horrible long-term prospect or even a terrible casual sex prospect (STDs/STIs). This is due to natural double standards created by biomechanics. This is never going away in our lifetimes, because this is as natural as shitting and peeing.

It also looks and feels fucking weird when we see guys do feminine things, and women doing manly things. Shaming, turmoil, awkwardness, etc.

Point being here, that is what is causing guys to only commit to you very short-term and not long-term. Your masculine tendencies are what is causing you to experience these weird and robotic interactions. There is no ying-yang in your interactions.

When a masculine Man interacts with a masculine woman, nothing good romantically comes from these interactions. Ying-ying. Masculine women are repulsive to masculine guys who are charming and have easy access to sexy, young, slim, slender, feminine babes. Likewise when a feminine woman interacts with a feminine guy, the friendzone spawns and they are now girlfriends.

My advice is embrace your feminine side. See a psychologist and speak to him about being able to keep your masculine tendencies to a minimum, because they are clearly hurting your love life.

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