"Feminism," say what?

It's often a huge mistake to state our opinion regarding feminism without identifying our real understanding for the term. I usually face aggressive responses whenever I express my criticism to feminism(s). Unfortunately, we all have to agree that feminisms have crossed the limits to disrupt not only the rights of men, but also many other women. How can we talk about equality if we gave women the opportunity to work in a factory, a work that is beyond her powers and with minimal wages. When i think of feminism, i think of "JUSTICE" between men and women but not "EQUALITY". We are born in a world where each individual has her/his own role to fulfill. Men and women are rather born to complete and not compete with each other. Some questions are important in this context: " Can we allow men to leave their jobs and sit at home because "Work" is directly linked to a masculine characteristic? And " Can we allow women to leave their responsibilities towards their families at home?" Our lives are becoming more difficult in the sense that a man cannot afford life expenses by himself. Having said that, women can perfectly complete this gap if we allowed women to have "reasonable and respectful" job opportunities. Similarly, women cannot handle all the responsibilities alone and thats where men are asked to help them. In short, men are women are born with specific tasks that match their capabilities and they are to accomplish those tasks. However, it's not wrong to participate in other tasks as long as we are not careless about our major task. A good man is one who works really hard to cover his family's expenses and is also a kind father who cares for his children and helps his wife at home. Moreover, a good women is one who works hard to raise her children in the right way, takes good care of her family and is also a determined manager who helps her husband in covering the family's expenses. We are not to support the thoughts of feminists who claim that men are to be jailed if they screamed at their wives. However, we are also not to support abusing women and using physical power against them. Since i live in a community which BLINDLY advocates feminism, people would think that equality between men and women is a must. Generally speaking, people surrounding me believe that women has the right to reach powerful positions (politicians, etc.) or express their opinions freely under no limitations. Nevertheless, there're alot of people who agree on what i say in the sense that it's wrong to take feminism to the extremes. We don't want a movement which provides women with upmost freedom in the price of abusing the freedom of others. This topic is debatable depending on our understanding for feminism and our experience with this topic. In conclusion, i reassure that no one would encourage violence against the other sex or limitation of speech; however, we have to clearly separate justice and equality. It's of no mean to break this "socially constructed house" if each one of us abides with his/her role fairly. I would like to note that taking feminism(s) to its extremes will severely trigger masculism as well.

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