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Ok. Here is my go.. Any kind of critique would be welcome. I've never written any of the like:

"The city smelled. Bad... Really bad. His other senses increased by the long period of blindfolding, it was as if the entire city had defecated on the streets, just for his grand entry into the city. It had buried itself in his nose but, was regularly replaced by a salty sea breeze, that caressed his body where it hurt most. It was a comforting breeze, but cruel nonetheless. As soon as the refreshing wind dwindled, the rough, rancid city-smell rushed back into his nostrils, harassed his brain. He erected himself, stretching his stiff and painful back. While he was at it, he tried to look passed the too small blindfold. He only could only see some shapes moving in the corner of his eyes, shapes that didn't care for a lowlife prisoner. He tried to lift his hands, he could raise them two inches, but the knots didn't leave much space to maneuver around. He retched, the dirty smell filled his lungs, sored his throat, it didn't do much except it filled his mouth with a sour, dirty taste that seemed to match the smell of this city.

Abruptly, the creature he was tied to, the bouncing, swaying movements were too exotic for a regular horse, stopped dead. He crashed into the back of the creature and fell on his back. A dirty, muddy substance slowly started seeping into the back of his pants. His hands still held up above his shoulders, he struggled to get back to his feet to no avail. The smelly, wet substance crept deeper into his pants. He retched again. And again, the substance now deep in his pants, he gave up and just hung in his chains.

“So, finally.” A hoarse voice whispered close to his ear. “you realize there is nothing you can do. So now you'll just wait and bide your time, huh?”

Roughly, he was picked up. He tried to see who it was that talked to him, in the corners of his eyes. Light filled his eyes and his brain exploded in pain, as the blindfold was removed and direct sunlight scourged his eyes. He pinched his eyes together, there was no-one around. The ties around his hand, the grime in his pants the only witnesses of his humiliation and defeat. "

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