Free brand new clothes only please. (Not mine, friends post)

Please note that the "new only" part of the post was added by the person who reposted this, not the original person requesting assistance. I'm guessing either the reposter is unfamiliar with hand-me downs, or they may have run into a situation similar to mine.

Several years ago I ran an independent Christmas box for foreign children program for a mission team. We included a list of items for the boxes and a list of items that should NOT be included. The third time I checked a box and found used, torn, freshly skid-marked men's underwear, we had to stipulate NEW childrens clothes only. We still had to check each of 3000 boxes - candy was a no-no due to an ant problem at the warehouse - but we got it done. People who donate things to strangers can have odd ideas about what is appropriate.

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