Do you genuinely think you can judge teamwork when 60% of Specialists weren't in the beta?

There was also no chat wheel within the beta which has become standard within the series and series adjacent titles that rely on teamwork.

Okay, I'm putting this one first because it's genuinely pissing me off how often I have to read that bullshit.

DICE have literally stated BEFORE THE BETA STARTED that the commorose will not be in the beta due to bugs, but has been fixed in the current build already.

Literally the point of my entire post was - Can you judge teamplay by the beta, BECAUSE OF ALL THE STUFF IT WAS MISSING.

Like, for example, the commorose.

So now you're acting like it was a feature removed from the game, and yes you can judge the full game's teamwork because the beta had no commorose, DESPITE THE FACT THAT IT IS CONFIRMED TO BE IN THE FULL GAME.

Okay, now that this is out of the way:

You’re missing the fact that the 2042 beta had 4 separate operators each with their own ability and not the two classes you mentioned

I mentioned the fact because 2042 beta having 4 classes is equivalent to BF1 Beta as an example only having two.

In fact, it's even more extreme, since 2042 was missing 60% of it's classes, not 50%.

that each operator can selectively choose each and all of their equipment and gadgets

No, they can't. They cannot change their main gadget. Just like in say BF3, Support cannot take off his ammo bag - and while in 4, 1 and V theoretically you can take it off, you never really do - Anghel in BF2042 can't take off his Supply Bag either. He will always be able to give teammates ammo and armor, that's his role as a Specialist.

Far less teamwork than what’s in BFV and that already has abysmal team/ squad play.

This is a very odd thing to say, because BFV is by far the most teamplay based game, even after the functional removal of attrition.

BF3, 4, 1 and V all encourage teamwork by forcing you into specific roles.

Yes, and so will 2042. Except with even more specific roles, because each Specialist's gadget is significantly more... Specialized. Hence the name, probably.

At the present moment 2042 has nothing to incentivize teamwork and squad based gameplay except for the fact that squads within each of the teams exist.

YES, EXACTLY! Emphasis on AT THE PRESENT, i.e. the beta. THAT'S THE ENTIRE POINT! That we don't know yet if this will still be the case in the full game!

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