Git gud scrubs!!!

I like them becasue they are unique.

That's what I liked about them specifically. They're quite unlike anything we've faced before. Lorewise the angelic faith is banned in Lothric, and we see it was for good reason too. These things whilst quite pretty, are some of the most dangerous creatures.

They executed the Angels mechanically very well too. The first angel we see easily establishes the fact we need to get behind cover when it sees us. Not soon after we see the most obvious Host monster, and when you kill it, the angel disappears.

Now we know what the angels do and how we deal with them. In the Earthern Peak area is when they really play with the idea of hiding the hosts in obscure areas for you to kill. It becomes kind of a hide and seek game.

When you kill the angels, you get to experience the area you otherwise couldn't. Kind of metroid'esque in a sense.

I loved it because it was something we hadn't seen before, and while it's not gone, it's kind of sad to see it getting nerfed when there was absolutely nothing wrong with them to begin with.

I literally died twice to the angels on NG+9. Even the Thralls were more difficult to deal with.

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