$GME Daily Discussion - June 29, 2021

I have read pretty much every post and most of the comments on this sub since it was formed. I have read pretty much every post and most of the comments on the original GME sub. I've also read pretty much every GME post and most of the comments on Wahlstr33tb3ts since last Oct.

This sub, above all the others has proven time and time again that it can't deal with anything that doesn't confirm its bias. Why is that? Is it because this is a topic specific sub? Maybe, but I don't totally believe that. I hang out in niche subs that can humanely discuss differing opinions.

Did you guys go full cult mode? I don't think so. There's fantastic data driven analysis done every day. But my god, the way you people treat anybody with an opinion that doesn't suck the GME dick is deplorable. Just fucking ignorant.

You want to know this subs two favorite words? Shill and FUD. Both of these terms showed up only a few months ago on the other subs, and now this sub owns them as their favorite terms.

Maybe it's me? Maybe I'm the idiot for trying to have discussions? I read a lot of the comments on this sub, and if somebody merely suggests that the sky is light blue instead of blue, it's FUD and SHILL to the extreme.

I mean, I know what I'm about, I invested in GME in Oct 2020. This sub though. I really try to find some reason to keep giving you guys awards and hyping it up, but it's getting really hard.

Either I'm discouraged by interacting with bots and shills, or a lot of you are just really shitty, ignorant people.

If you're going to change the world with your money, you all need to do a much better job of not chastising the people that were here from the beginning of this whole adventure.

Had to post this comment again because *W.S.B is a banned term by this subs automod for some reason.

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