What is the Mechanism by which this Happens? If someone is doing this to the stock price, how do they do it? Are they selling stocks or is it more complicated than that?

iirc, there was a trust me bro post way back 84 years ago where someone stated they were at a dinner party with Kenny and he ##REFUSED## to pass the mayo, nobody else was touching his precious. Lol.

Part of the reason this community gets so much hate and lack of understanding from outsiders is the depth of inside jokes that make zero sense to people who have not been here from the start, and understandably so!

Part of the reason people act so regarded is because of the irony that a bunch of nobody’s around the world have been able to collectively shine a light on the cracks in wall streets corruption. Essentially playing into the “Dumb money” title that they like to bestow upon the masses of retail traders to the most extreme level.

Hope that helps!

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