I use Google Play Music extensively for it's ability to stream my music instead of download, is there a similar app for podcasts?

Did a podcast test few days ago . Here my notes. They all can srream.


.Pocket Casts is by far the best and most beautiful podcast app.

.DoggCatcher is by far the nicest of the rest, but no custom download location/ext.sd. The rest is almost ugly or too limited.

  1. Pocket Casts: paid €2,99, looks most beautiful, great and handy ui, great player incl. great lockscreen+ notification control, organize feeds via filters, cloudsync incl episode position via server from app-dev, variable speed buttons in player. Has all the fatures possible

  2. DoggCatcher: paid €2,39, looks great, very good ui, good player, lockscreen control good, notification only pause/next/quit, no custom folder location (no ext.sd), import opml must subscribe every single feed, categories must assign per feed, unclear if cloudsync (old bèta project) working, variable speed only preset, backup/restore settings and feeds, no seperate category all downloaded files

  3. Podcast Republic: free version ads (adfree €1,47), almost mediocre look, dark theme too much light grey, good ui but ui-text too small on tablet, notification control only pause no rw+ff, organize feeds with tags, backup/restore settings and app database, cloudsync devices of episode position manually (via dropbox) seems to be working (if manual sync after episode 2nd device opened).

  4. Podcast Addict: free version ads (adfree €2,49), almost mediocre look with too much light grey in dark theme, good ui with many options, player incl. lockscreen control good, notification control only pause no rw+ff, organize per feed in category, backup/restore app database

  5. PodKicker: free version ads (adfree=€1,99), looks good but holo-ish design, very basical handy ui with not many options, player good, lockscreen+notification control good, feeds no categories, search no categories with most popular, only backup opml,

  6. AntennaPod: ui looks good, but dark theme too light grey, handy ui but not many options, lockscreen only pause no art, notification control good,

The rest was too bad or too ugly. For instance Beyondpot is totally ruined after new UI.

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