What's the worst hangover you've ever had? What'd you do to earn it?

My friend was house sitting for his Aunt and Uncle out of town, asked if I wanted to come along. Sure, I like going places. Turns out this place is a mansion (not a literal mansion but in one of those really nice suburbs) and we can drink as much of their booze as we want. Score.

So we hang out by their pool all day and drink out of their tiki bar, enjoyable. Then we watch horrible movies and pass out until noon. Second we wake up, back to the pool until darkness falls. Alright, we're only here for the weekend, better find people. We walk around with a backpack full of booze and find a girl walking her dog. Tell her we're bored and want something to do. She takes us too a medium sized party and pretends we are friends so we can hang out with 40 strangers and not seem like total weirdos, she bails after 10 minutes and after an hour there are only like 15 people left.

We mingle, fit in, and become the hit of the party with all of our free booze. Eventually it comes out that nobody knows who we are but fuck it we're fully integrated at the point. These 15 people become our best friends, we hug, we sing, we laugh, we cry, we tell deep dark secrets.

I wake up to a car honking. Apparently I'm a stupid piece of shit and I'm passed out in the middle of the street in the burbs at like 7 in the morning. I stand up, super disoriented, and see my friend with his aunt and uncles door wide open, passed out with half of his body in the house and the other half on the porch.

We waddle in have one more drink that we don't even finish and I go to bed. Wake up naked with the worst hangover I've ever had. My insides feel like they are about to leak out of me, my brain feels like a construction team is drilling holes and hammering nails into it, and the only thing I want to do is not have skin anymore. I walk into the bathroom naked and start peeing. I probably shouldn't have ignored the leaky insides feeling because I go to have a fart while peeing and shit all over his aunt and uncles floor.


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