Reddit, what are you afraid of? Other redditors, why shouldn't they be afraid of it?

A coworker of mine died in a car accident yesterday. It is so hard to process. She just became engaged, was planning her wedding, was accepted into grad school, just became a teacher. Her dreams were to travel and start a family. That is all she ever wanted. Just like that, it was all take from her. Her father will never walk her down the aisle. She will never know the fear and beauty that comes from giving birth and being a parent. She will never pass down her family traditions, and have her children wonder what she was like at the age of 5, and then 10, and then 30. will never grow old with the person she loves, watching the change and gradual descent that occurs with age. She will never become a grandparent and share stories from when she was young. She will never be able to influence students and become the teacher that they all loved. She will occupy a grave with a name that will eventually one day no longer be spoken. Her tree has stopped. No one will look for her in the family tree, because she will be a branch that never grew further. That could have been me in that car yesterday. Instead here I am thanking those who have and will be there for me. Sometimes I want to rush it all because I am terrified of dying before I get the chance. When I see moms have kids young, all I can think about is that they had the chance while so many others didnt. When I see people saying "dont get married young", I wonder about never having that chance to pick out my wedding gown and see my husbands face as I walk down to commit our lives together. I know it isnt logical, but fear doesnt always make sense. In this case I let it not make sense. I make sure to go to bed happy and tell my family that I love them. I pay attention to the little things, like how my SO smells in the morning and the sparkle on the snow during the sun rise. I catalogue it all so I know that I did what I could to appreciate each moment that I have been given during this life.

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