I got deactivated for good and learned some info that might be helpful to you guys

To answer some of your questions, it went like this:

  1. I couldn't login, with no notification of being deactivated so I emailed them this: "I just tried to go online but it says my account isn't activated? Please let me know if/when I can go back online. Thanks"

  2. Days later they replied: "Hey aborted_bubble, Feel free to drop in at any stage at the following times for a consultation session at the Driver Drop-In Centre. Our managers would like to have a word with you."

  3. I made an hour drive to the place, waited an hour to see the main manager, went in and he said that I'd received some low ratings and that the cut-off was 4 and I was below it. I confirmed with him that 4 is the cut-off for deactivation, and he said that 4.6 is the cut-off, but below a 4 means that the system won't let him reactivate me. I said "so that's it for good then?" He said "yep." And I left. As I was leaving, the arrogant little fuck gave me a "thanks, mate" which made me want to beat his head in, but I just quietly left.

They never inspected my car. Nobody with any affiliation to Uber ever even saw my car. Which actually relates to what I'm about to write next.

There are a lot of forces in my state (not in the US) that are pissed about Uber's illegal presence. The taxi council is even currently running a campaign against it. Most people are okay with Uber because they believe Uber is adhering to a certain standard. But, in working for them, I've discovered there's a disparity between how they say they operate and how they actually operate. They are wilfully lying to the public in a way that compromises consumer welfare. So, they treated me like shit, and now I'm going to return the favour. I've already sent off emails to a few organisations who are very eager to hear what I have to say. It'll be interesting, at least haha.

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